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The Tula Mic - blackThe Tula Mic - black
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The Tula Mic - creamThe Tula Mic - cream
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The Tula Mic - redThe Tula Mic - red
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The Tula Mic - seafoamThe Tula Mic - seafoam
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Tula Case
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Custom Deadcat windscreen for Tula USB Microphone
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Tula Leather caseTula Leather case
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Tula Mic Stand Adapter (replacement item)
Tula Mics T-ShirtTula Mics T-Shirt
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Tula Mics T-shirt analogTula Mics T-shirt analog
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Tula Stand (replacement item)
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Tula Travel BundleTula Travel Bundle
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Tula USB-C to USB-C cable, 3ft


The Tula is a USB microphone for use with computers, phones and tablets.

Mobile Recorder

With an internal battery and 8GB of memory, the Tula provides 12 hours of onboard recording.

Noise Reduction

With embedded noise reduction the Tula can provide studio-quality sound without the studio.

Travel Light

The Tula was designed with travelers in mind. Now you can get great sound without having to weigh down your luggage with a lot of heavy equipment.

ZOOM, YouTube and Podcasts

The Tula will vastly improve the audio quality of your virtual meetings and online content.



of recording in high-quality WAV format

With The Tula Mic you don't need a computer of even a phone in order to capture great audio. It's like having a tiny recording studio in your pocket.