Using the Tula With Samplers, Synths, Interfaces and Cameras

The Tula Mic is was designed to work as a mobile recorder as well as a USB microphone with computers, phones and tablets but it's also proven to be surprisingly useful when used in combination with a variety of other devices on the market. Let's take a moment to look at a few of them.

OP-1 Field with Cream Tula Mic

The Teenage Engineering OP-1 Field

Teenage Engineering released the original OP-1 back in 2011 and it became an almost instant classic. It set a new standard for portable synths/samplers both in terms of its design and functionality. In 2022, TE released the long awaited successor to the OP-1 in the form of the OP-1 Field. It turned out that the OP-1 Field was part of a series that TE was releasing which would eventually include the TX-6 mixer, the CM-15 microphone and the TP-7 recorder. All four devices are beautifully designed and function well but, as has come to be a hallmark of TE, they don't come cheap.

Enter the Tula Mic. TE didn't release this new series all at once. They released the  TX-6 mixer and the OP-1 Field in 2022 but the CM-15 and the TP-7 didn't come out until May of 2023. In the period between these two events many people discovered that the Tula Mic worked very well with both the OP-1 Field and the TX-6 (when using the Tula in analog mode). The OP-1 Field has a USB-C input which makes it possible to use Tula's embedded Klevgrand Brusfri noise reduction.

As a mobile recorder, the Tula allows up to 12 hours of mobile recording in either cardioid or omni and is useful for recording samples for use with the OP-1 Field. 


MPC One with Red Tula Mic

The AKAI Pro MPC Series

Soon after we released the Tula Mic we began to receive messages from Tula owners asking if there might be a way to change the bitrate from 16/48 to 16/44.1. They said that that would allow them to use the Tula as an external mic with devices like the MPC ONE and the MPC Live 2.

A few months ago we finally managed to include that option in firmware update 2.6. Now the Tula can be used both as an external microphone via the MPC's USB port as well as a mobile recorder for gathering samples in the field.

Camera with Sea Foam Tula

Interfaces and Cameras

Using the Tula in analog mode will send audio through the 3.5mm jack without the Tula having to record. This allows the Tula to be connected via an analog cable to cameras, interfaces and any other devices that doesn't have USB-C but does have an analog input.

There are, no doubt, other devices that can be used with the Tula. If you're familiar with any, feel free to list them in the comment section  or send us an email at info@tulamics.com




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It would be great to record songs on the go to use later for music production.
Just Phab

Just Phab

That is sick. My Bassist and I just picked up 2 @ Name and it’s a pillar in my back of songwriting tricks. Love These Things Quality Built and Clean and I do mean clean.

Great Work Guys see you next year.

Omar Opus

Omar Opus

I love the Tula and totally Recommend for use with the op-1 field.
But as stated before.
To be able to record line in to use as a storage for recorded synth samples and audio samples recorded from record players or other sources
For later use would be invaluable.
Keep up the good work Tula!



Is it possible to record line in or via USB to get sounds from like your computer or iPad or even a synthesizer? It would be great to record songs on the go to use later for music production.



Does have Wi-Fi to send the recordings

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