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Mobile Recording

"very versatile and I LOVE the retro design"
The Tula Mic is an aesthetically pleasing microphone that will help you make a strong impression in virtual meetings and business travels.
Sounding good never looked this gorgeous

Male Vocals

Never would I think that a mic that fits in the palm of my hand would have the sound that I heard after my first recording.

Phil Leslie

Been using the Tula Mic for a couple of weeks now. Have to say I'm in love.

Jenny Smith

My Tula is sleek, beautiful and sounds great. People tell me it's as if we're in the same room.

Gil Yehuda

Female Vocals

Digital Nomads

Remote workers and world travellers need devices that are beautiful, portable and durable. The Tula is all three and allows you to never have to settle for bad sound, wherever your journey may take you.


The Tula has battery and memory for up to 12 hours of mobile recording. It's also a high-quality USB mic for use with computers, phones, tablets and even devices like the Akai Pro MPC.

Voiceover Artists

The Tula Mic allows you to achieve professional-quality VO recordings even while on the road. No more pillow forts in your hotel room, our Brusfri noise reduction algorithm will make you sound like you're in a vocal booth.

A Tradition of Quality

Tula was founded by the team behind the legendary company, Soyuz Microphones, used by top artists and producers such as Coldplay, Radiohead and many others.

017 Tube

017 FET


Right to Repair

In recent years, the Right to Repair movement
has gained a lot of momentum. The Tula is made of premium materials and is entirely snapped and screwed together for easy repair and end of life recycling.


Nickel plated zinc

Sheet Steel


Technical Specifications

Frequency Range


Bit Depth/Sample Rate

16/48 (default) or 16/44.1


USB-C and 3.5mm


8 GB

Battery Life

12 hours continuous


Cardioid and Omni

Noise reduction

Brusfri by Klevgrand


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